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My own library Books Auction catalogues

These are the books of my own library. It contains as well auction catalogues which are not listed. Would you have anything related to these subjects which does not appear on my list and that you would be ready to sell, I might be interested, mostly for the oldest books. I hope you will enjoy reading this list as much as I enjoy collecting them. Dates which do appear with a blue background are mostly for books with no editing date and represent an estimate of their date of edition, the ones with a red background are the original edition date when it is a reprint or a fac-simile.

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1958EPPLER W.F."Flocons de neige dans l'aigue-marine"
1950HINES R.E."Gemologist" - A protest
1958POUGH Frederick H."Gems" and Gemstones
1960PUISEUX H. - BLEDSOE J."Mon Univers" Les Bijoux
1956MAUBOUSSIN"Tentation" inauguration du Département
1860LUNEL Adolphe-Benestor1000 procédés industr., formules et recettes
1967GOLISH Vitold De15 ans d'aventures aux Indes
1997CARTIER150 ans d'histoire
1998DEPARTEMENT INSTRUCTION GENEVE1748 - 1998 250e anniversaire écoles d'art
1964DEMORIANE Hélène1900 Bijoux étonnants
1988RUSSEL A./MCWHIRTER N.1988 - Guiness Book of World Records
1999DE BEERS1998 Annual Report
1955HERBERT J. & GHAFFAR H.1er album de Mythologie Hindoue
1986VILLE DE GENEVE (2)1er salon des bijoutier de Genève
1975BAILEY Chris200 Years of America Clocks and Watches
1999RICKLIN-SCHELBERT A.20th Century Swiss Art Jewelry
1959SOTHEBY'S215th Season 1958 - 1959
1962SOTHEBY'S218th Season Annual Review 1961 - 1962
1965SOTHEBY'S221th Season 1964 - 1965 Ivory Hammer 3
1907ALBUM DI MONOGRAMMI250 composizioni artist. moderne applicabili a tte le arti decorative
1987VILLE DE GENEVE2e salon des bijoutier de Genève
1967HISCOX/EIGENSON/O'CONNOR SLOANE3000 procédés et formules dans la vie à l'atelier
1985DUFRENE Maurice305 authentic Art Nouveau Jewelry designs
1984NATIONAL JEWELERS34-Carat Diamond found at Argyle
1988VILLE DE GENEVE3e salon des bijoutier de Genève
1962BERTHON Maurice Edouard40 milliards dorment à Vigo
1989VILLE DE GENEVE4e salon des bijoutier de Genève
1981GEMOLOGICAL ASS. OF G.-B.50 Years of Gemmological
1970VACCHETTA-DELLA SPADA50 modelli elementari di disegno a mano libera
1947ROGERS F. & BEARD Alice5000 Years of Gems & Jewelry
1980NEWTON Charles ManfredA Barrel of Diamonds
1950SAGITTARIUSA Book of Mascots, Charms & Precious Birthady Stones
1909WODISKA JuliusA Book of Precious Stones
1980IDAR-OBERSTEINA Centre of Gem-Culture - 2000 Years old
1990PATNAIK NaveenA Desert Kingdom
1970COX Jack R.A Gem cutter's book "Specialized Gem Cutting"
1966POUGH Frederic H.A Gemological Cook's tour of New Zealand
1938COX TrenchardA General guide to the Wallace Collection
1980HUMAIR SylvianeA Genève, la chabanou vend ses bijoux incognito
1960NORWOOD Victor G.C.A Hand full of Diamonds
1977MEDLEY MargaretA Handbook of Chinese Art
1938NORTON Richard and MartinA History of Gold Snuff Boxes
1953EVANS JoanA History of Jewellery 1100-1870
1970EVANS JoanA History of Jewellery 1100-1870
1979KUNTZSCH IngridA History of Jewels and Jewellery
1981BLACK J. AndersonA History of Jewels
1960TWINING LordA History of the Crown Jewels in Europe
1975FIELD Michael / signé p/auteurA Hundred Million dollars a Day
1971GORI & ZUCCHIA Journey round the planet of the goldsmith's art
1997PAULUS CamilleA Kaleidoscope of Colours - Indian Mughal
1652NICOLS ThomasA Lapidary or the History of Pretious Stones
1977MARG/Salutat. de GormidA Magazine of the Arts
1839MURRAY JohnA Memoir on the diamond
1818MAWE JohnA New Descriptive Cat. Of Minerals
1872FEUCHTWANGER Lewis Dr./Sign.A Popular Treatise on Gems
1986DEVI Gayati & RAURA RAU SanthaA Princess Remembers - The Memoirs of the Mahajari of Jaipur
1952GUERNSEY T.D.A Prospector's Guide to Mineral Occurrences in North. Rhodesia
1964JOURNAL AMERICANA Reformed Master Jewel Thief Sizes up the Museum Robbery
1981ANTIQUES WORLDA Renaissance Jeweler for Victorian England
1985WELCH Stuart Cary & PATNAK NaveenA Second Paradise Indian Courty Life 1590-1947
1951POUGH Frederick H.A Short Course in Gemology
1800JEFFRIES DavidA Treatise on Diamonds and Pearls
1823MAWE JohnA Treatise on Diamonds and Precious Stones
1911ST-CLAIR WEEDEN EdwardA Year with the Gaekwar of Baroda
1960EISENBERG Jerome M.A catalog of late Egyptian and Coptic Sculpture
1952D'OTRANGE M. L.A collection fo Renaissance Jewels at the Art Inst. Of Chicago
1988SOTHEBY'SA collection of magnificent & rare gemstones
1988MODERN JEWELERA day in the Diamond world
1986JORIS AlbertA destiny in diamonds
1959POUGH Frederick H.A dichroscope in gem-testing
1964SUNAGAWA IchiroA distinction between natural & synthetic emeralds
1922JAGANNATHA SASTRI AlladiA family history of Venkatagiri Rajas
1922JAGANNATHA SASTRI AlladiA family history of Venkatagiri Rajas
1977O'LEARY BarrieA field guide to Australian Opals
1961POUGH Frederick H.A final glimpse at London Jewelry
1748HILL JohnA general natural history
1988STRONGE S. - SMITH N. & HARLE J.A golden Treasory Jewellery from the Indian subcontinent
1983O'DONOGHUE MichaelA guide to man-made gemstones
1966WEIBEL M.A guide to the Minerals of Switzerland
1978COOREY G./LANE A.A guide to the Minerals of Zambia
1976MACINTOSH E.K.A guide to the Rocks, Minerals and s of S-Africa
1951MCLINTOCK W. F. P.A guide to the collection of Gemstones
1957ANDERSON R.B.A handbook of useful information regarding Base minerals
1952SPENCER L.J.A key to Precious stones
1949CORDELL DURRELLA key to the common Rock-forming minerals in thin section
1986COHEN MoniqueA la Cour du Grand Moghol
1965MENZHAUSEN J./BEYELER K.A la Cour du Grand Mogol
1980CASSAN Claude GérardA la recherche des orfèvres de Basse-Normandie
1934DOUST L.A.A manual on Lettering and Lay-out
1952LONG Albert E./SLAWSON Chester B.A method of Identifying hard vectors for setting purposes
1985THOMPSON JoeA new generation takes charge at De Beers
1976FEDERMAN DavidA new light on fakes
1946FEHR Martin/BANGOR/WALES N.A new reflecting goniometer for the workshop
1953ADAMS Leason H.A note on the stability of Jadeite
1990THEISEN VerenaA novel Diamond cut
1929VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMA picture Book of English silver Domestic silver 14th-16th century
1929VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMA picture Book of English silver Domestic silver 14th-16th century
1929VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMA picture Book of English silver Domestic silver 17th century
1927VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMA picture Book of English silver Spoons
1927VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMA picture Book of Mediaeval Enamels
1927VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMA picture Book of Mediaeval Enamels
1926VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMA picture Book of Sheffield Plate
1954WALTON James SirA pocket chart of ornamental and gem stones
1959POUGH Frederick H.A polaroid dichroscope
1975LOUP GustaveA propos de la croix gammée des origines du Svastika
1983ORNAMENT REVUEA quarterly of jewelry & personal adornment
1900INTRODUCTION TO HERALDRYA short and easy Introd. to Heraldry
1979GILL Joseph O.A study of colored Diamonds
1949MOSS Hugh M.A synopsis of Chines Art History
1816JAMESON RobertA system of Mineralogy
1860THENON AA travers l'Inde
1813MAWE JohnA treatise on diamonds & precious stones
1947HÉRON DE VILLEFOSSE /Lith.DerainA tribute to Precious stones /
1912LACROIX A.A trip to Madagascar, the country of beryls
1926ADAM Frank D.A visite to the gems districts of Ceylon & Burma
1980FEDERMAN DavidAaustralian pink diamonds: The pride of Argyle
1780DUTENS LouisAbhandung von den Edelstein
1984TAMZALI WassylaAbzim - Parures et bijoux femme Algérie
1981ZUCKER B - SUSSMAN B.Acheter des pierres précieuses
1956BARR Myer B.Acres of Diamonds in your own back yard
1975WALKER DavidAdventure in diamonds
1979DETIEGEL L.Affiches "Belle Epoque"
1973PRITCHARD J.-M.Africa - A study Geography for AdvancedStudents
1927FARRINGTON O.C./LAUFER B.Agate - Physical Properties & Origin - Archaeology & Folk-Lore
1945PARKER PeggeAlaska's Green Gold
1910CALAVAS A.Album de la Décoration
1859Divers musées de RomeAlbum de médailles anciennes et pierres gravées des Musées de Rome
1927PRINCESSE BIBESCO LaAlexandre asiatique
1998GODDIO/BERNAND/DARWISH/KISS…Alexandria - The Submerged Royal Quarters
1946BOUFFLERS Le Chevalier deAline Reine de Golconde
1964BEDFORD JohnAll Kinds of Small Boxes
1987SHIELDS JodyAll that Glitters
1980KERN David M. H.Alphonse Mucha
1888EMELIN LeopoldAlte Handzeichnungen nach dem Verlorenen Kirschenschatz des St Michaels
1951KUNSTHALLE BASELAltes Silber aus Basler Privabesitz
1965MENZHAUSEN J./BEYELER K.Am Hofe des Grossmoguls
1996GRIMALDI David A.Amber Window to the Past
1980RICE Patty C.Amber
1987FRAQUET HelenAmber
1978PALAZZO DUCALE VENEZIAAmbra oro del Nord
1987PRODDOW P./ HEALY D.American Jewelry Glamour & Traditions
1900LOUANDRE Ch.Ameublement Moyen-age-Renaissance
1961DISSELHOFF H.D./LINNE S.Amérique précolombienne / L'Art dans le Monde
1942ROGERS AustinAn American synthetic emeral
1993SINKANKAS John / SignéAn Annotated Bibliography
1944BRIGGS Henry D.An Encyclopedia of Gems
1911JACKSON Charles JamesAn Illustrated History of English Plate Ecclesiastical and Secular
1981NEWMAN HaroldAn Illustrated dictionnary of Jewelry
1900PARISH-WATSON & CO.An Imperial Necklace
1947WILLIAMS Carl M.An unrecorded goldsmith
1931Revue mensuelle illustréeAncienne orfèvrerie en Suisse
1965HEJJ-DETARI AngélaAnciens joyaux Hongrois
1881WAY AlbertAncient Armillae of Gold - Bucks
1971WILKINSON AlixAncient Egypt Jewellery
1993GALERIE NEFERAncient Jewellery from the Near-East and Egypt
1975DE MONTEBELLO PhilippeAncient Treasures from Museums of USSR 3000 b.c. - 100 b.c.
1976BRAMSEN BoAndres Holm - En Kobenhavusk solvsmed 1735-1812
1994DANNA CharlesAndrey Ananov, le joaillier de St-Petersbourg
1950JESSUP RonaldAnglo-Saxon Jewellery
1964CHARAVEL-LENGELLE E.Annuaire d'horlogerie-bijouterie
1987CRANSHAW H.J.Annual Report 1987 De Beers
2000DE BEERSAnnual Report 1999
1983DE BEERSAnnual Report
1930VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMAnnual Review 1930
1961POUGH Frederick H.Another Look at Gems in London
1971NEVEROV O.Antique Cameos / Hermitage collection
1960BERRY-HILL Henry & SydneyAntique Gold Boxes
1964CARDUCCI CarloAntique Italian Gold and Silver
1987LUZZATTO-BILITZ OscarAntique Jade
1919BURGESS Fred W.Antique Jewellery and Trinkets
1984SCARISBRICK DianaAntique Jewellery and Watch Values
1957STEINGRABER ErichAntique Jewelry
1925PAIRPOINT FrancisAntique Plated Ware
1987BECKER VivienneAntique and Twentieth Century Jewellery
1874LE MUSEE FOLAntiquité et Renaissance
1683CUPERO GisbertoApotheosis vel consecratio Homeri. Sive lapis…
1960POUGH Frederick H.Apparatusfor a gem laboratory
1983VENTURA VivianeApril Fool
1998TIFASCHI'S & ABDUL HUDAArab Roots of Gemology
1978D'AVENNES PrisseArabic Art in Color
1973BOURGOIN J.Arabic Geometrical Pattern & Design
1968BOARDMAN JohnArchaic Greek Gems
1978WINTER RuthAre diamonds really a girl's best friend?
1959MUSEO Poldi PezzoliArgenti Italiani dal XVI al XVIII secolo
1984KLIONSKY Mark A.Argyle Mine to expand world Diamond Output 50%
1975L'ABC DU COLLECTIONNEURArmes blanches de l'Islam
1786AFFAIRE DU COLLIERArrêt du Parlement
1906ART & DECORATIONArt & Décoration
1907ART & DECORATIONArt & Décoration
1908ART & DECORATIONArt & Décoration
1910ART & DECORATIONArt & Décoration
1911ART & DECORATIONArt & Décoration
1912ART & DECORATIONArt & Décoration
1913ART & DECORATIONArt & Décoration
1974SCHOLLMAYER KarlArt Contemporain du Bijou
1978MAIER J.-Louis / MOTTIER Y.Art Etrusque
1999BLOSSFELDT KarlArt Forms in Nature
1992DAR AL-ATHAR AL -ISLAMIYYAHArt Islamique et Mécénat / Dédicacé p/M. Keane
1981CURTIS TonyArt Nouveau - Déco - Values
1981MARCILHAC FélixArt Nouveau 1900
1973MOUREY G. - VALLANCE A.Art Nouveau Jewellery & Fans
1985GOMES FERREIRA Dr. Maria TeresaArt Nouveau Jewelry by R. Lalique
1978DUNCAN AlastairArt Nouveau Sculpture
1969BATTERBY MartinArt Nouveau
1978WICHMANN SiegfriedArt Nouveau
1891SCHUMANN C.W.Art and Gems
1891SCHUMANN C.W.Art and Gems
1967SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1966 - 1967
1969SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1968 - 1969
1970SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1969 - 1970
1971SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1970 - 1971
1972SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1971 - 1972
1973SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1972 - 1973
1974SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1973 - 1974
1975SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1974 - 1975
1976SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1975 - 1976
1977SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1976 - 1977
1978SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1977 - 1978
1979SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1978 - 1979
1980SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1979 - 1980
1981SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1980 - 1981
1982SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1981 - 1982
1983SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1982 - 1983
1984SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1983 - 1984
1986SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1985 - 1986
1995SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1994 - 1995
1996SOTHEBY'SArt at Auction 1995 - 1996
1971VINSON Robert-JeanArt au cou
1908ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration (janvier à juin)
1897ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1898ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1899ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1900ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1901ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1902ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1903ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1904ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1905ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1909ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1939ART ET DECORATIONArt et décoration
1983HILLIARD NicholasArt of Limning
1981BIER CarolArt of The Mamluks - Renaissance of Islam
1971KJELLBERG PierreArt à l'état naturel
1966POUGH Frederick H.Artificially colored diamonds
1907SEELEY E.L.Artists of the Italian Renaissance
1989GERE Charlotte/MUNN GeoffreyArtists' Jewellery Pre-Raphaelite to Arts and Crafts
1988HASLAM MalcolmArts & Crafts
1951BUHOT JeanArts de la chine
2000HATTSTEIN M. & DELIUS P.Arts et Civilisations de l'Islam
1990VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMArts of India 1550-1900
1999VICTORIA & ALBERT MUSEUMArts of India 1550-1900
1974TEYSSEDRE BernardAssez doués, pour des barbares - Thrace
1901AMBROSOLI SoloneAtene (Athène)
1972DE MICHELE VincenzoAtlas de minéralogie et pétrographie
1913CONSTANTIN JulienAtlas des orchidées cultivées
1956JEWELERS' CIRCULAR - KEYSTONEAtomic Energy Commission to allow use of Reactors for diamond
1973DEMORIANE HélèneAttention aux camées
1924ROSENTHAL LéonardAu Jardin des Gemmes - ill. L. Carré
1924ROSENTHAL LéonardAu Jardin des Gemmes - ill. L. Carré
1922ROSENTHAL LéonardAu Jardin des Gemmes
1920ROSENTHAL Léonard/Offert à N. AronsomAu Royaume de la Perle - ill. E. Dulac
1919ROSENTHAL LeonardAu Royaume de la Perle
1926ROSENTHAL LéonardAu Royaume de la Perle
1914FYFE H. HAMILTONAu pays de l'or et des diamants
1935MAILFERT AndréAu pays des antiquaires
1964BENOIST-MÉCHINAu sérail de Top-Kapi - Les trésors des sultans
1968BAUTTEAu temps des cabinotiers
1939THE GEMMOLOGISTAugust 1939 - July 1940
1940THE GEMMOLOGISTAugust 1940 - July 1941
1907MARX RogerAuguste Rodin céramiste
1893LANE-POOLE StanleyAurangzib (Rulers of India)
1920HILBER PaulAus der Geschichte des Schweiz. Goldschmiedkunst
1972MYATT BillAustralian and New Zealand Gemstones
1955Diamond New & Watchmaker JewellerAustrian Crown Jewellery
1982DEBONI F. - MENTEN Th.Authenthic Art Deco Jewelry Designs
1975IVORY JamesAutobiography of a Princess
1894GEBHART EmileAutour d'une tiare
1909GEBHART EmileAutour d'une tiare
1991BROC NumaAutour du Monde - Voyage de Fr. de Pagès
1955YOUSSOUPOFF Félix PrinceAvant l'Exil 1887-1919
1971GOUVION ST-CYR Laurent deAventure et secrets du collectionneur
1855LA GIRONIERE P. deAventures d'un gentilhomme breton aux îles Philippines…
1968PEARSONS Howard LB.C. Gem Trails
1968LOEWENFELD Baron Heger deBRAQUE - Pour moi plus de métaphores, mais des métamorphoses
1930GRENARD FernandBaber, Fondateur de l'Empire des Indes 1483-1530
1991COCKLE MarkBanking on the right colour
1937LEWINSOHN RichardBarnato Roi de l'Or
1960POUGH Frederick H.Basic Books and Tools for the Gem specialist
1985WOODING Robert R.Bead Setting Diamonds with pavé alications
1971COLLUM LurleneBead and Pearls Jewelry
1920NOTTALL Clarke G.Beautiful Flowering Schrubs
1978COLYER ROSS HeatherBedouin Jewellery in Saudi Arabia
2006PHILLIPS Clare /collectifBejewelled by TIFFANY 1837 - 1987
1883PLON EugèneBenv. Cellini - ofrèvre, médailleur, sculpteur
1883PLON EugèneBenv. Cellini - ofrèvre, médailleur, sculpteur
1964BERENCE FredBenvenuto Cellini - aventurer et grand artiste
1908GAILLY DE TAURINES Ch.Benvenuto Cellini à Paris sous François Ier
1894MOLINIER EmileBenvenuto Cellini
1966CHEFS-D'ŒUVRE DE L'ARTBenvenuto Cellini
1961HOLMQUIST KerstiBergsgardens Silversamling / Dédicacé
1976GAINS Richard V.Beryl-a review
1822COHEN M.Beschreibendes verzeichnis einer Samlung von diamanten
1976GILES C.H.-WILLIAMS B.A.Bewitching Jewelry
1998DONKIN R.A.Beyond Price - Pearls & Pearl-Fishing: Origins to the Ages
1982WYKOFF Gerald L.Beyond the Glitter
1945SMITH Kenneth M.Beyond the microscope
1961POUGH Frederick H.Bi-color parti-color and dichroic stones
1728HEBRAIC BIBLIABiblia Hebraïca
1925MARQUET DE VASSELOT J. J.Bibliographie de l'Orfèvrerie et de l'Émaillerie Françaises.
1958LEBRUN GastonBibliothèques personnelles et collectives
1990ALEXANDER A.E.Big colored stones available
1979GRECBijouterie Hellenique
1913FOUQUET GeorgesBijouterie, Joaillerie, Médailles à l'expo.int.Milan 1906
1995POSSEMÉ EvelyneBijouterie-Joaillerie
1978ROMAIN M.A.Bijoutier-Joaillier Sertisseur
1978ROMAIN M.A.Bijoutier-Joaillier
1953BESANCENOT JeanBijoux Arabes et Berbères du Maroc
1982STURM F.-X/WINTER-JENSENBijoux Art Nouveau
1985BECKER VivienneBijoux Art Nouveau
1997GONEN RivkaBijoux Historiques au Musée d'Israël
1987MARKEVITCH ElisabethBijoux Indiens - dédicacé
1982LATIF MominBijoux Moghols
1982SCHOTSMANS JanineBijoux Moghols
1954DUMONT FrancisBijoux Romantiques
1911PETIT GeorgesBijoux S.M.Sultan Abd-Ul-Hamid II
1937DEMARSY Jane Mlle (Succession)Bijoux collier de trente neuf perles…
1965H. A. B.Bijoux d'hier, mode d'aujourd'hui
1956PESCHETEAU Me PaulBijoux de "Mistinguett"
1987LOEWENFELD Baron Heger deBijoux de BRAQUE
1976VREELAND DianaBijoux de J. Schlumberger
2002MEYLAN VincentBijoux de Reines
1872CHRISTIE'SBijoux de l'Impératrice Eugénie
1872CHRISTIE'SBijoux de l'Impératrice Eugénie
1970COCHE DE LA FERTE EtienneBijoux du Haut Moyen âge
1999RABATÉ Marie-Rose/GOLDENBERG AndréBijoux du Maroc, ..., depuis le temps des juifs j'usqu'à la fin du XXXe siècle
1974CREDIT MOBILIER MONACOBijoux et Joyaux d'une qualité exceptionenelle
1961DIVERS AUTEURSBijoux et Joyaux
1990FOUQUET JeanBijoux et orfèvrerie
1970FROMANGER H.D.Bijoux et pierres précieuses
1938CHARPENTIER Galerie / VenteBijoux provenant des écrins de Mmes …
1973SCHLUMBERGER EvelyneBijoux qui bougent
1977SUGIER ClémenceBijoux tunisiens - formes et symboles
1951COTTAZ MauriceBijoux-Légende des pierres-Lapidaires et "Batteurs d'or"
1945BOUCHERON par Lucien FrançoisBijoux
1989RICH MeredithBijoux
1873BRUNSWICK Charles Duc deBiographie de SAR le Duc de Brunswick
1948PARKINSON KennethBirthstones and Talismanic Gems
1952JEWELERS' CIRCULAR - KEYSTONEBirthstones for December - Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Zircon
1909BEHREN C.Bleuthe und Frucht
1980SINCLAIR-STEVENSON ChristopherBlood Royal / The Illustrious House of Hanover
1976STEINEM PATCH Susanne (8)Blue Mystery - the Story of the Hope Diamond
1969LAUNAY AndréBluff your way in Antiques
1997WEIHRETER HansBlumen des Paradies Furstenschmuck
1973WILLCOX Donald J.Body Jewelry
1984SAULOY MylèneBogota Jungle
1960ARTIABohemian Garnets
1971FINDLAY Wally F.Bonjour Monsieur Dali
1975BROWN William J.Book of Jewellery Making
1987GILL COLLECTIONBooks of Opals
1957UBELL EarlBorazon: a Gem for U.S. Industry
1964VERDIER Jean-PaulBoucheron -Contrib. à l'hist. de la Hte Joail.franç. au XIXe et au XXe siècle
1988NERET GillesBoucheron Histoire d'une Dynastie de Joailliers
1982SAUER Jules RogerBrazil Paradise of Gemstones
1954ISKANDER Zaky / BADAWY AlexanderBrief History of Ancient Egypt
1949MAIER WilhelmBrillanten und Perlen
1990BERSFORD PhilipBritain's 400 Richest People
1974BELLEW Sir GeorgeBritain's Kings and Queens
1983JEWELERS' CIRCULAR - KEYSTONEBritish scientists enlarge diamonds
1910RICHERMOZ Maurice succ.Bronzes Artistiques Paris
1964L'ORFEVRE SUISSEBull. de l'Union de bijout. Et orfèv. Suisses
1869MORIN AntoineBull. de la classe d'indus. et de commerce N° 93
1967Centre Nat. De Recherche ScientifiqueBull. de société franç. De Minéralogie et Cristallogie N° 4
1968Centre Nat. De Recherche ScientifiqueBull. de société franç. De Minéralogie et Cristallogie
1962GILL Joseph O.Bull. of the Geological Survey of India
1959RANSON GilbertBulletin de l'Institut Océanographique/ Mollusques perliers et Perles, Bibliographie
1974The Rhodesian Literature BureauBundu Book of Geology - Gemmology and Archaelogy
1969MAUNG MaungBurma and General Ne Win
1989WILSON A.J-WALTON-TIGAR E.Burning bright - Autobiography of W-T.E
1989CHALFONT Lord AlunBy God's Will / Portrait of th Sultan of Brunei
1957BREMOND D'ARS Yvonne deC'est arrivé en plein Paris
1778GORLEAUS AbrhamCabinet de Pierres Antiques gravées - Collection Choisie
1957MUSÉE National de Céramique SèvreCahier de la céramique et des arts du feu
1988SCHERER Barrymore L.Cameo Appearances
1900DAVENPORT CyrilCameos
1998LENTI LiaCamillo Bertuzzi - designer di gioielli
1987BRAYFIELD CeliaCan you resist the glamour of pearls
1661CHIFLET Jean JacquesCanonici Tornacensis Socrates, sive De Gemmis eius imagine coelatis Iudicium.
1956ROSSI FilippoCapolavori di Oreficeria Italiana
1965SELIG Ben LCaraniba Emerald mine
1949HURLBUT Cornelius S. Jr.Card System of Gem Identification
1979SNOWMAN A. KennethCarl Fabergé - Goldsmith to the Imperial Court of Russia
1989MARQUIS Jean M.Carlo Poluzzi 1899-1978
1955COLLET L. WCarte géologique générale de la Suisse
1968ARCHEOLOGIE VIVANTECarthage, sa naissance, sa grandeur
1997RUDOE JudyCartier 1900 - 1939
1984NADELHOFFER HansCartier Jewelers Extraordinary
1983GAUTIER GilberteCartier the Legend
2002JEANBOURQUIN SylvieCartier: une collection remarquable
1984NADELHOFFER HansCartier
1996TRETIACK PhilippeCartier
1991ARTE Y JOYACasa Damiani
1984MUNN Geoffrey C.Castellani and Giuliano
1905CHEVALLIER Me PaulCat. Des Objets d'Art…Bijoux émeraudes et diamants - Succession de Mme D…
1911BAUDOIN Me Henri /FALKENBERGCat. Des Objets d'Art…Bijoux…dont vte Mme la Comtesse de Xaintrailles
1927VERNIER EmileCat. Géné. Des antiquités égyptiennes du Musée du Caire
1892LANE-POOL StanleyCat. Of Indian Coins Moghul Emperors
1934Sotheby & Co.Cat. Of Sicilian & Italian peasant Jewellery / Sidney J.A. Churchill
1908LAIR-DUBREUIL MeCat. Peinture de coll. J. Cronier
2000BRUNSWICK Charles Duc deCat. de brillants et autres pierres précieuses
1969MARSHALL F. H.Cat. of the Jewellery,Greek, Etruscan and Roman
1748GERSAINT E. F.Cat.Rais.,,diamans,bagues., bijoux.succ.feu M.Ch.Godefroy, banq.& Joüaillier.
1904CHEVALLIER Paul MeCat.des Joyaux Princesse Mathilde
1922SULLIVAN Henry B.Catal. Of geological maps of South America
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