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These are auction catalogues that I’m ready to sell. If one of them is missing in your own collection, I’ll be happy to help you completing it.

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Q Date House City Title Owners Specials Pg Bd Lots Price
201.07.1988ARCOLEParisBeaux Bijoux, Bijoux Indiens, Objets…Succession de la Maharani de Kapurthala et divers  b30460$
 15.11.1995Antiquorum AuctioneersGenèveImportant Jewellery  75c9530$
 16.11.1997Antiquorum AuctioneersGenevaImportant Horology, Jewelry & ObjectsIn Love 227c19560$
 18.11.1997Antiquorum AuctioneersGenevaImportant Jewelry & Rare & Exotic Gemstones  103b15930$
 27.11.2003Beaussant Lefèvre AuctionParisBeaux Bijoux, Objets de Vitrine,Orfèvrerie Ancienne, Moderne, etc… 60b34820$
 23.03.2006Beaussant Lefèvre AuctionParisBeaux Bijoux, Objets de Vitrine,Orfèvrerie Ancienne, Moderne, etc… 60b36020$
 28.06.2007Beaussant Lefèvre AuctionParisBeaux Bijoux, Objets de Vitrine,Orfèvrerie Ancienne, Moderne, etc… 78b54320$
229.11.2007Beaussant Lefèvre AuctionParisBijoux, Objets de Vitrine,Orfèvrerie Ancienne, Moderne, etc… 80b63520$
 29.05.2002Beaussant Lefèvre AuctionParisSuccession de Son altesse Impérialela Princesse Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiary22.37 cts EC D-VVS2339b942200$
 18.04.2002BonhamsLondonFine Jewellery  73b23610$
206.12.2007BonhamsLondonSignature Styles: Fine & Iconic Jewels 20th  97b18220$
 24.04.2008BonhamsLondonFine Jewellery  67b15620$
 04.03.2008BonhamsDubaïFine Jewellery & Watches  106b13220$
 25.09.2008BonhamsLondonFine Jewellery  56b15130$
 02.04.2001Calmels Chambre CohenParisHorlogerie , Bijoux  158b39640$
 15.11.1972Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaCastellani & Giuliano - Magnificent Jewels 55.91 PS D-IF b66840$
 20.06.1973Christie's Auction catalogueLondonMagnificent Jewels   b14820$
327.06.1973Christie's Auction catalogueLondonHighly Important French Gold BoxesThe Ortiz-Patino Collection Part I 49b2150$
 27.11.1973Christie's Auction catalogueLondonHighly Important French Gold BoxesThe Ortiz-Patino Collection Part II 49b2150$
 10.07.1974Christie's Auction catalogueLondonHighly Important JewelsBainbridge - Collingwood …  b27420$
 11.11.1975Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImp. Works of Art by Carl Fabergé …   b26820$
320.05.1977Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant Jewels   b18120$
 18.11.1980Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaDecorative Jewels   b26420$
 12.05.1981Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImp. Works of Art by Carl Fabergé  75b12720$
211.05.1982Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Gold Boxes, Objects of VertuGerman Royal Family / Duke of WindsorFrederick the Great dia. Set box74b194150$
 07.05.1983Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent Jewels from the Estate ofIrene Martin20.28 OC D-VS161b6040$
 13.09.1983Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine JewelsGloria Vanderbilt … 125b37520$
 13.05.1985Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImportant European Porcelain  88b19110$
 10.11.1985Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaArt Nouveau, Art Deco & Bookbindings  146b28810$
 12.11.1985Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Gold Boxes & Renaissance Jewellery Frederick the Great presentation Box81b77100$
515.05.1986Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMasterworks of Art Nouveau Jewellery  33b1320$
213.11.1986Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMasterworks by René Lalique  43b1830$
 09.12.1986Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant JewelsIngrid Bergman… 213b38420$
 16.05.1987Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant JewelsEthel M. Balcom…Regente pearl / 21.08 PS. D-IF225b393100$
 16.09.1987Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkJewelry  77b26710$
 17.09.1987Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine Jewels  217b44910$
221.10.1987Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkA Magnificent and Rare Diamond 64.83 cts PS. D-IF b130$
512.11.1987Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaThe Sarah Bernardt Snake Bracelet G. Fouquet21b120$
202.12.1987Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkThe Magnificent Jewels ofCaroline Ryan Foulke Part II 103c10740$
 01.03.1988Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine JewelsGloria Vanderbilt … 169b27040$
112.05.1988Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent JewelsGloria Swanson …Regente pearl357c701100$
512.05.1988Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels from the Collection ofSultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan III33.13 PS. E-IF25c5150$
 12.05.1988Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine Jewelry  83b44810$
 09.06.1988Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine Jewelry  69b41810$
 09.09.1988Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine Jewelry  109b57110$
 19.09.1988Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine JewelsJoseph O. Gill 185b32920$
 12.10.1988Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine Jewelry  147b71210$
319.10.1988Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkThe Largest Flawless Diamond in the WorldThe Incomparable407.48 cts Fcy Br.Yel. IF10c150$
 07.12.1988Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkJewels from the Collection ofAilsa Mellon Bruce 51b3310$
 22.02.1989Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery  59b24610$
 07.03.1989Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine JewelsMrs. Joanne Du Pont, Caroline G. Doty… 173b32010$
 11.04.1989Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkA Selec. of Rare Pink Dia.from the Argyle Mines  25b1410$
 10.05.1989Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaFine Jewels and Watches from The Atelier ofLeon Hatot 71b17410$
611.05.1989Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Art Nouveau Jewels byLalique and Fouquet 39b620$
711.05.1989Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaA Magnificent and Rare Pink Diamondof 21.06 carats Pot. Fl.  b130$
 07.06.1989Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant Jewels  197b39420$
 14.06.1989Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkGold and Silver ofThe Atocha and Santa Margarita 258b38920$
 24.10.1989Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkA Collection of Rare Fancy Color Diamonds  17b520$
 14.11.1989Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaEuropean Silver Objects of Vertu & MiniaturesChristian, Count of Rosenborg … 100b26920$
316.11.1989Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaDiamond & Emerald Jewellery sold on behalfMrs James A. de Rothschild's Charit. TrustsSome pieces from the French Crown J. c667150$
 24.02.1990Christie's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzA Magnificent Fancy Pink Diamond 20.62 cts Lozenge Fcy Pink SI b130$
 06.03.1990Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine Jewels  145b27310$
 25.04.1990Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant JewelsEnid, Viscountess Furness, Mrs Armand HammerThe Moon of Baroda 24.00 cts263b397150$
 25.04.1990Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkThree Magnificent Art Deco Cartier Clocks  23b310$
 20.06.1990Christie's Auction catalogueLondonMagnificent JewelleryMarchioness of Cholmondeley, Mrs B.H.E.Ionides 123b22920$
 13.09.1990Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryMarie-Louise B. Heidsieck… 113b43710$
315.11.1990Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaA Magnificent Coloured Diamond Pendant 6.19 Blue, 4.77 Orange-Yel., 14.16 E13b140$
 19.05.1991Christie's Auction catalogueLondonImportant Jewellery 18.32 cts CS D-VS275b20440$
321.11.1991Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMetamorphoses The Braque Jewels  49b3010$
421.11.1991Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaA Rare and Magnificent Diamond 106.00 cts Mod.PS D-VVS117b120$
 25.05.1993Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaFine Jewels  85b18210$
 27.07.1993Christie's Auction catalogueKensingtonJewellery  21b36510$
 29.07.1993Christie's Auction catalogueEastFine Jewelry  22b16610$
 08.12.1993Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant JewelsVictoria Principal / European Royal House… 292b61110$
 08.12.1993Christie's Auction catalogueLondonImportant JewelleryThe Marchioness of Downshire… 89b29310$
 09.12.1993Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryMadeleine Bain… 155b61710$
 17.02.1994Christie's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzImportant JewelsA Lady of Title8.67 EC Fcy Blue IF347b69840$
 10.02.1994Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryMildred M. McIlvain / Barbara Mortimer… 83b28410$
 09.02.1994Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery  43b15010$
 13.04.1994Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery  45b19510$
 14.04.1994Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryMrs Roger S. Firestone,… 199b70910$
 02.05.1994Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongImportant Jewellery, Jadeite Jewellery & Watches  149b33610$
 17.05.1994Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaGold Boxes, Fine Miniatures, Fabergé…Lyon Boston, Hans NadelhofferThe "Apple Blossom"&"Nobel Ice"Eggs185b45340$
 25.05.1994Christie's Auction catalogueGlasgowFine Jewellery  33b26310$
 08.06.1994Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine JewelsTotie Fields, Mrs Germain Seligman,… 109b21410$
 09.06.1994Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryReba Kern, Louise E. McNamara,… 111b39410$
 22.06.1994Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewelleryLord Dunleath, Mary, Viscountess Rothermere… 147b35510$
 05.10.1994Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery, Antique Jewellery and Rings  95b32610$
 19.10.1994Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent JewelsYuill Black, Nadia Gray, Beatrice Grover,…30.75 EC D-IF / 5.38 Blue/ 4.72 Pink241b31840$
 20.10.1994Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant Jewels from The Collection ofAlice Tully3.51 Fcy Light Bl Pot/2.46 Fca Light P.113b17640$
 31.10.1994Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongMagnificent Jadeite JewelleryBarbara Hutton… 157c207150$
 01.11.1994Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongFine Jewellery & Unmounted Diamonds  61b17010$
215.11.1994Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaFine Jewels without reserve  75b19510$
 16.11.1994Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaThe Winter Egg by Carl Fabergé  33b140$
217.11.1994Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent JewelsCountess Mona Bismark/Mrs Sydney Van Bergh19.20 EC Fcy Bl./19.66 Fcy Pink/VS1295b436100$
206.12.1994Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant JewelsElna Knudsen Stevenson, Lynn Family… 189b31810$
 08.02.1995Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewelleryD.O.Fairlie of Myres,… 66b19210$
 16.04.1995Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaFine Jewels without reserve  101b21110$
 06.06.1995Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine JewelsGenevieve D. Chaplin, Rudolf Nureyev,… 203b34940$
 21.06.1995Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery without reserve  39b14510$
 21.06.1995Christie's Auction catalogueLondonImportant Jewellery 15.24 cts EC D-IF115b31840$
 11.10.1995Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery, Antique Jewellery and RingsLady Felicity Longmore 121b29230$
 23.10.1995Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent Jewels Sold to BenefitMayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research173.77 cts PS sapphire117b11640$
 25.10.1995Christie's Auction catalogueEastFine Jewels…Mayo Foundation for Medical Education & Research 101b51020$
 10.08.1995Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryMrs. Roger S. Firestone,… 33b20810$
 14.09.1995Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryMadeleine Bain… 64b38310$
 24.10.1995Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent JewelsMarc Haas, Elizabeth Mohr,…5.02 Mq.Deep B. IF/20.16 PS D-VS2319b44640$
 30.10.1995Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongMagnificent Jadeite Jewellery  169c22310$
 31.10.1995Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongImportant Jewellery & Watches 12.23 EC D-IF187b26140$
 01.11.1995Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongJadeite Jewellery without reserve  65b16610$
202.11.1995Christie's Auction catalogueLos AngelesFine JewelsLana Turner, Joan Fontaine, Victoria Principal,… 135b20910$
 09.11.1995Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryMarc Haas, Lana Turner, Susan Quinn Keck,… 41b27410$
214.11.1995Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaFine Jewels without reserve  105b20710$
 15.11.1995Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels 78.86 cts PS D-VS1 improvable273b65740$
 05.12.1995Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryVirginia Carr, Ruth G. Manheim,… 55b36710$
 06.12.1995Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant JewelsMrs. Ernest W. Clemens, Ruth G. Manheim,…56.99 CS Fcy Yellow SI1175b35940$
 07.12.1995Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery without reserve  59b12510$
 07.12.1995Christie's Auction catalogueLondonImportant Jewellery  155b30120$
 08.02.1996Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryGertrude Z. Kemper,… 40b29310$
 14.02.1996Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery  81b13110$
 21.03.1996Christie's Auction catalogueLos AngelesFine Jewels Including the Collection ofEva Gabor, Joan Fontaine,… 130b19610$
 16.04.1996Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkJewels from the Collection ofThe Late Joanne Toor Cummings 65b3010$
 15.04.1996Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent JewelsMargaret Church, Doris Schnelling,…44.18 RD.D-IF/11.54 int.B/15.46 Pink331b53040$
 17.04.1996Christie's Auction catalogueEastFine JewelsMrs. Ernest W. Clemens, Joanne Toor Cummings 58b30610$
 24.04.1996Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery  105b18710$
 29.04.1996Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongImportant Jewellery and Watches 22.01 Mq. D-IF201b31310$
 29.04.1996Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongJewellery without reserve  125b34610$
 30.04.1996Christie's Auction catalogueHong KongMagnificent Jadeite Jewellery  155b18430$
 08.05.1996Christie's Auction catalogueEastFine Jewelry sold to BenefitThe Marcia & Philip Rubin Family Foundation 46b26710$
 30.05.1996Christie's Auction catalogueGlasgowJewellery including the Collection ofThe Late Mrs. Deirdre Inches Carr 51b31110$
 11.06.1996Christie's Auction catalogueEastAntique and Fine JewelryDorothy C. Bailey, Nancy Talbert,… 52b30510$
 12.06.1996Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine JewelsMrs. Raymond Firestone,… 183b37630$
 24.10.1996Christie's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent JewelsPrivate Collector 49b1530$
 12.12.1996Christie's Auction catalogueLondonImportant Jewellery 10.02 PS D-VS1165b20640$
 28.01.1997Christie's Auction catalogueKensingtonJewellery  23b34110$
 25.02.1997Christie's Auction catalogueKensingtonAntique & Collectable Jewellery  41b41710$
 19.03.1997Christie's Auction catalogueLondonJewellery  150b24420$
 17.11.1997Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaThe Property of a Private Collector 5.15 PS Fcy Int.Blue pot./ 3.20 HS Fcy Blue pot.103c9140$
 20.11.1997Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaA Private Collection of Fifty Jewels  99b5030$
 06.10.1999Christie's Auction catalogueLondonMagnificent Mughal Jewels 161.20 cts engraved emerald163b137100$
 06.10.1999Christie's Auction catalogueLondonImportant Indian Jewels  77b11430$
 18.11.1999Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels 7.96 PS Fcy Viv. Blue VS1301b48840$
 18.11.1999Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaAgeless Elegance - Signed Jewels fromA Private Collection20.16 Burma ruby51b14100$
 15.05.2000Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewels  211b39340$
 17.05.2000Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels 30.70 PS D-IF / 24.83 Fcy O.Pink VVS1334b34040$
 27.09.2001Christie's Auction catalogueLondonArts of India 217.80 cts carved emerald209b13050$
 16.11.2005Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent JewelsSafa AbdullahRegente Napoléon pearl 302.68 grains268b370100$
 16.02.2005Christie's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzImportant Jewels 63.52 EC D-VVS2260b48540$
221.02.2007Christie's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzImportant Jewels7.50 PP/ 20.02 VY/ 3.45 VB/ 239.7 grains grey pearl 278b39040$
 15.11.1990Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaImportant JewelsArcos sapphire 133.13/ 18.02 Fcy Int.Y/ G. Fouquet jewelsMrs H.R.306b55160$
 21.02.1991Christie's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzImportant Jewels24.99 EC D VVS1 / 32.77 Kashmir/ 235b48540$
 16.11.1978Christie's Auction catalogueGenevaArt DecoThe H. Robert Greene Collection 63b4930$
209.11.1987Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaIslamic & Indian Treasures & Jewels  59b43100$
 10.11.1987Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaImportant JewelleryLal Qila diamond 70.10 cts Olive-Green 180b50080$
215.11.1988Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaJewels & WatchesFrom The Chaumet Boutique Geneva 119b51530$
218.11.1988Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaFine Jewels  88b29050$
 09.05.1989Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaFine Jewels  128b35050$
 25.10.1989Habsburg, Feldman S.A.New YorkFine Islamic, Persian & Indian Works of Art  91b20480$
 14.11.1989Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaImportant Jewels  175b35080$
 15.05.1990Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaFine Jewels  147b31950$
 12.11.1990Habsburg, Feldman S.A.GenevaTwentieth Century Decorative Arts  196b68240$
 16.12.1990Habsburg, Feldman S.A.TokyoArt Nouveau & Art Déco  131b20640$
 25.04.1991Habsburg, Feldman S.A.New YorkFine Jewels, Fabergé, Objects, Silver, Watches   b25040$
 11.05.2007MASSOLParisBijoux Anciens, Montres, ArgenterieCollection d'un Amateur (3e Partie) 58b32720$
 15.06.2006PIASAParisBijoux Orfèvrerie  36b21510$
 27.04.1999Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique & Modern Jewellery  41b14910$
 29.06.1999Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique & Modern Jewellery  55b20610$
 14.12.1999Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique & Modern Jewellery  55b24610$
 22.02.2000Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique & Modern Jewellery  71b20710$
 16.05.2000Phillips Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewels 1.84 ct Fcy Vivid Yellow-Green Dia.131b35830$
 03.10.2000Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique & Modern Jewellery  79b23710$
 05.12.2000Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique & Modern Jewellery  105b38710$
 15.05.2001Phillips Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewels 3.95 Deep Blue Rd./ 52.27 Fcy Int.Yel.171b20130$
 10.10.2001Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique & Modern Jewellery  73b29910$
 14.11.1978Phillips Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewels watches and Objects  40b25410$
 21.03.1985Phillips Auction catalogueLondonArt Nouveau, Décorative Arts & Studio Ceramics  44b47810$
 12.05.1987Phillips Auction catalogueGenevaFine Jewels, Watches and Silver  93c50010$
 16.05.1995Phillips Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewels  103b31410$
 10.10.1995Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Jewellery  37b20410$
 14.11.1995Phillips Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewellery  113b36410$
 24.02.1998Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Diamond Jewellery, antique Jewels …  39b16910$
 23.06.1998Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique Jewels & 20th C. Diamond Jewellery  35b15110$
 17.11.1998Phillips Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewels  129b35410$
 08.12.1998Phillips Auction catalogueLondonFine Antique Jewels & 20th C. Diamond Jewellery  39b14410$
 08.12.2006Pierre Bergé & AssociésParisHorlogerie , Bijoux  74b40650$
 14.06.2007Pierre Bergé & AssociésBruxellesVente Bijoux  99b14850$
 10.12.2007Pierre Bergé & AssociésBruxellesVente Bijoux  99b14050$
215.11.1973Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueZurichHighly Important JewelsProp. Of a Nobleman, Ladies of Title and othersFamous Makers, King Ludwig II Bavaria, Indian62b29240$
 10.06.1974Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueLondonHighly Important Gold & Enamel Snuff BoxesH.M. Queen FrederikaFrederick The Great present.box39b 40$
 16.01.1975Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueLondonHighly Important JewelsLady Edward Sassoon, etc…Two row Imperial Green Jade beads necklace36b18060$
 20.03.1975Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueLondonImportant JewelsLt. Col. P.I. Bartholomew, D.S.O. and others 41b17010$
210.03.1954Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueCairoThe Magnificent Collection of Works of Art…The Palace Collections of Egypt of King FaroukFrederick The Great Diamond Box212b1261800$
217.02.1966Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueLondonFine JewelsCountess de Tremereuc, etc… 38b 30$
 28.04.1970Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueZurichImportant JewelsProperty of a member of a Royal HouseTurban, 2 PS 34.38, Pink EC 33.63,11843b4440$
 28.10.1971Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueLondonFine JewelsDivers 27b21110$
 23.11.1972Sotheby & Co Auction catalogueZurichImportant JewelsLate Princess Louise Odescalchi & othersAntique brooch by Olivier Massin33b17040$
 12.02.1954Sotheby Harmer Auction catalogueCairoThe Stamp CollectionsThe Palace Collections of Egypt of King Farouk 119r1643175$
 12.02.1954Sotheby Harmer Auction catalogueCairoThe Stamp CollectionsThe Palace Collections of Egypt of King Farouk 119b164390$
 11.04.1974Sotheby Parke Bernet Auct.cat.New YorkHighly Important JewelryVarious Owners, Anne P. de Vollmer  b12010$
222.05.1974Sotheby Parke Bernet Auct.cat.New YorkFine JewelryVarious Owners, Henry B. Nightingale  b13910$
 05.06.1974Sotheby Parke Bernet Auct.cat.New YorkFine JewelryJacqueline I. Hodgson, Victorine Massironi, Jayne W. Miller  b14610$
214.04.1977Sotheby Parke Bernet Auct.cat.New YorkMagnificent JewelryCharlotte Ford-and othersThe Kimberley Diamond Fcy yellow 55.09 cts. b23840$
 17.05.1979Sotheby Parke Bernet Auct.cat.ZurichFine Gold Boxes, Objects of Vertu, Fabergé…  97b 10$
 14.11.2007Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent JewelsDay & Evening sale - 2 volumes84.37 Rd D-FL352b382150$
 25.11.1976Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonImportant Jewels 18th Century Jewels40b26340$
 20.04.1978Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonHighly Important JewelsH.G.Duke of NorthumberlandThe Clive engraved Mughal emerald40b 100$
 08.12.1982Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant Contemporary and Period Jewelry,…Lowell Jones, Mrs Louis Jourdan and others  b54820$
214.11.2007Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels Day SaleCountess Donatella Pecci-Blunt32.53 Fcy V.Y.202b31040$
 19.10.1983Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent JewelryCharlotte Ford-Marchioness of Headfort8.19 cts Fcy green IF/ 24.93 D-IF b18230$
 14.11.2007Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels Evening Sale PS fcy Viv.blue 4.16 - 84.37 Rd. D-FL.109b7240$
 14.11.1983Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkFine Jewelry  43b38510$
 16.11.1993Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent JewelsArcot 1 - 30.99 cts D VS1 / 100.36 / 67.18/ 50.82/ 20.74 Pink25.05 R/18.51P b80880$
220.11.1991Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels25.58 MQ D VVS2/ Daisy Fellowes brooch/22.95 grey-Blue  b58240$
 02.12.1999Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonImportant JewelsDuchess of Ancona tiara/ Barbara Hutton brooch 212b34940$
 17.05.2007Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaNoble JewelsDonnersmark diamonds 82.48 PS Int.Y/ 102.54 CS Int.YLady Hesketh126b43880$
 18.05.1994Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaThe Magnificent Jewels ofMme Hélène Beaumont / Jonker No.2 40.46 D VS118.26 Oct. c94100$
 13.04.1994Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent JewelryMrs.J.Pierpont Morgan/ Prince Louis Thurn und Taxis/13.22 B5.03 B/33.60cts b53380$
 20.02.1999Sotheby's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzImportant Jewels12.31 cts EC D IF - 20.11 Kashmir - 212b50830$
 04.12.2007Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkThe F.D.R. Cartier Victory ClockFranklin D. Roosevelt 34b130$
 16.12.2003Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonJewels  162b38830$
 18.05.2005Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels and Diamonds28.03 EC PP VS2/ 42.98 Burma Ruby/ 52.97 D FL/ 15.07 PP30.05 Rd D IF204b27450$
 16.11.1995Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels - 12.77 PP VS1 - 14.33B26.34 EC Deep Blue VVS2/ 7.37 EC Int.PP VVS2/ 16.27 DIFJonker 8-15.76 b520100$
 13.04.2000Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonArts of the Islamic World - 2 Vol.Illustrated Leaves from the Shahnama of Shah Tahmasp 147b14430$
 24.06.1974Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonFine English Miniatures…Objects of Vertu  48b15140$
*18.02.1974Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonRussian & Greek Icons & Works of ArtFabergé - Grachev - Lanceray 32b15950$
 21.02.1966Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonFine English Miniatures…Sci. Instr Clocks…  53b18440$
 16.04.1986Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent JewelryCap. Larz Anderson - DuPont Bayard …Emerald brooch b30110$
 17.05.1960Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonRenaissance Jewellery - Well Known Collec.Martin J. Desmoni 47b12580$
 10.12.1986Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkImportant JewelryQueen Anne of Roumania …  b289100$
 02.04.1987Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaJewelsDuchess of Windsor  c306300$
420.10.1987Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkThe Porter Rhodes Diamond 54.99 cts D - VVS2 c 40$
 21.10.1987Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkFashion JewelryThe Diana Vreeland Collection  b184100$
111.11.1987Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaA Magnif. Fcy Pink Dia. & a Highly Imp. Ruby 22.84 Pink Mq. Fl. / 22.86 cts ruby b 40$
 24.03.1988Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonFine Jewels & Jewels for the Collector  67b22220$
619.04.1988Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkA Magnificent Pear-Shaped Diamond 85.91 cts PS D - IF b 40$
218.10.1988Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkPortico Mystery Clock - Cartier 1924   b 20$
1318.10.1988Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkThe Mandalay Ruby 48.02 cts CS - Burma b 40$
318.02.1989Sotheby's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzAn Excep.Rare Fcy Green Dia. & Dia. Ring 10.15 cts Fcy green / 20.44 EC D-IF b 40$
113.04.1989Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkThe Jewels from the Estate ofLydia MorrisonThe President Vargas No 4 (28.03) c87100$
424.02.1990Sotheby's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzA Magn. Fancy Pink Diamond 20.62 cts lozenge Si b 30$
 14.11.1990Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaA Superb Diamond 101.84 cts (PS) D - IF b 40$
121.02.1992Sotheby's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzMagnificent Jewels 30.07 cts EC D - VS1 b66640$
 20.10.1992Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkThe Collection of the LateMrs. Harry Winston  c9945$
 17.11.1992Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaThe Thurn und Taxis CollectionThurn und TaxisFrederick The Great box /Eugenie Tiara227c300100$
 19.04.1993Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkMagnificent Jewelry 66.29 cts PS D - IF b46040$
 25.05.1993Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaDecorative Jewellery   b29210$
221.09.1995Sotheby's Auction catalogueHong KongImportant Jewels   b27510$
216.11.1995Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaFine Art Nouveau & Symbolist JewelleryThe Ritman Collection  b9530$
224.04.1996Sotheby's Auction catalogueNew YorkJewelry from the Estate ofJacqueline Kennedy OnassisLesotho III, 40.42 Mq L-VS2 b559300$
 20.11.1996Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaImportant Jewellery by René LaliqueThe Minami Art Museum  b4340$
 17.11.1998Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaThe Bird of Paradise CollectionEuropean Estate40.72 / 58.61 PS both D - VS1 c7330$
 19.11.1998Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels 22.86 cts Burma Ruby b71440$
 19.11.1998Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaA Century of StyleJewel fashions of our era  b21810$
 19.11.1998Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaRare Jewels and Precious ObjectsGentleman's Estate  c4825$
 03.12.1998Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonImportant Jewels  168b36310$
216.05.2000Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaThe Magnificent Jewels ofMarie Vergottis  b130100$
 19.12.2000Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonPassion for Fashion  160b53110$
 04.10.2001Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonJewels 20th Century & Contemporary  127b28810$
227.11.2001Sotheby's Auction catalogueLondonAntique and Period Jewels 1700 - 1940  127b30520$
 21.02.2003Sotheby's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzMagnificent Jewels E.C. 25.57 cts D IF / C.S. 22.02 cts D IF170b26440$
214.05.2003Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels Mod.bril.cut Fancy Purplish Pink 16.55 cts168b26140$
 20.11.2003Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent JewelsLuisa Fanti MelloniCartier Jewels156b20435$
318.02.2004Sotheby's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzMagnificent Jewels  192b31910$
 18.05.2004Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent Jewels Fancy Intense Blue P.S. Diamond 19.03 cts212b32740$
 17.11.2004Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaMagnificent JewelsIncluding from collect. Of Maria Callas 248b386100$
317.02.2005Sotheby's Auction catalogueSt.MoritzMagnificent Jewels 16.32 EC D-IF / 10.02 Fcy Viv.Yel. VS2200b31540$
 17.11.2005Sotheby's Auction catalogueGenevaAn Important Russian Imperial Jewel  59c110$

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